Early Childhood Early Intervention

At Care for Welfare, we focus on family centred approach to ensure right supports are in place to utilise strength of your child and family

Our passionate team of therapist works together to support your child aged under seven years who have a developmental delay or disability. We will support families in choosing and connecting with suitable service providers who can best assist to meet the goals. We will also support you in reviewing the progress and outcomes that have been achieved. We will work on your child’s inclusion and participation in mainstream settings while increasing their confidence through capacity building.

What is ECEI?

The ECEI approach is designed to help children develop skills and achieve their best possible outcomes throughout their lifetime. ECEI services are available to all children under 7 years with developmental delays or disabilities. It is part of the NDIS, but children don’t need a diagnosis from a doctor to access services. However, if a child is diagnosed with an ongoing disability, they can access NDIS funding at any time. The ECEI approach is used to help children avoid needing long-term support for the remainder of their lives. It is designed to be accessed in a child’s early stages of development.

Our ECEI services Include:


Occupational Therapy


Speech Therapy




Support Coordination

Our ECEI providers

Our staff and therapists are qualified professionals with years of paediatrics experience. Our Team of has in-depth knowledge of NDIS and undertake ongoing training on updates of NDIS.