Plan Management

Plan Management at Care for Welfare

At Care for Welfare, our approach to Plan Management goes beyond mere invoice processing. We are here to assist you with your journey in NDIS domain and assist with queries. Our team ensures timely submission of your claims to the NDIS Portal and processes invoice payments within 3-4 business days, in accordance with your NDIS plan’s validity. Additionally, we furnish monthly activity statements to help you monitor your expenditures and allowing you to check the status of your plan funding at your convenience. As NDIS Registered Plan Managers, we are dedicated to serving your needs.

What is Plan Management?

The primary purpose of plan management is to aid and guide NDIS participants in effectively handling their NDIS plan funds. These professionals are referred to as Plan Managers. Plan management distinguishes itself from having the NDIA oversee the funding in your NDIS plan, or from personally managing your plan, by providing participants with more options and influence over plan execution and usage through supplementary financial support.

Furthermore, participants can benefit from guidance offered by plan management providers on optimal utilization of their NDIS plan funds. This guidance can contribute to enhancing a participant’s financial capability and understanding.

Our Plan Management Services Include:


Swift, Precise, and Comprehensive Assistance


Reliable & Customized Support


Empowerment with Payment Decision-making


Our Plan Managers

Our Plan Managers are highly accessible and offer a tailored experience to NDIS participants. These professionals possess extensive expertise in NDIS and have a foundation in accounting. They regularly undergo training to stay updated on NDIS developments, ensuring participants adherence to NDIS guidelines.